Police Traffic Officers Association
       of Bergen County
           Region 1 New Jersey Police Traffic Officers Association
         PO Box 126 - Paramus - NJ - 07652

     Our History
The association began in 1984. What follows are highlights from its first 25 years.
May 9, 1984
The Police Traffic Officers Association of Bergen County (PTOABC) holds its first meeting at the Paramus Borough Hall and elects its first board of officers.
June 1984
Guest Speaker Chief Anthony Parenti, Fanwood PD, President of NJ Police Traffic Officers Association. Lt Bob Herb of the Bergen County PD appointed as first chairman of the Traffic Safety Committee.

October 1984
Chief Jack Sprengel of the Oradell PD appointed to chair committee to explore traffic safety grants.

November 1984
Our first seminar held at George's Restaurant in Moonachie. The topic was the traffic officer's role in fatal crash investigation. Members of the NTSB, NJ Transit, NJSP and Bergen County Prosecutor's Office gave presentations.

Our meetings are held at a new location: The Inwood Manor in Teaneck

December 1984
Bergen County Prosecutor Larry McClure makes a presentation regarding fatal accident investigations and enforcement of hazardous wast transportation.

Bill Mucinski of NJDOT is the first engineer to speak at our meetings.

January 1985
Fatal Accident Team concept discussed and endorsed by the membership. Discussions also begin regarding truck safety enforcement.

April 1985
Sgt. Mike Rizzo of the East Rutherford PD appointed chairman of traffic equipment problems. A Railroad Safety committee chaired by Lt. Dick Pearson of the Harrington Park PD was also started.

June 1985
Ptl Joe Cofone of the Lyndhurst PD elected as our second President. Sgt. Frank Mikulski of the Hillsdale PD was elected Vice-President. The rest of the Board remained the same.  The first annual Chief's meeting was held, which was the precusor to the Sprengel Awards.

October 1985
Bergen County Division of Engineering sends Ernie Boulding as its first representative to the PTOABC.

April 1986
Our first radar tuning fork certification meeting is held.

State Assemblyman Pat Schuber is our guest speaker.

May 1986
The Hit and Run Auto Body Shop Manual program is initiated. Ptl Greg Donatello of the Woodcliff  Lake PD is chairman of the committee to maintain and update the manual.

June 1986
Ptl. Joe Cofone is re-elected as President as is Sgt Frank Mikulski as Vice President. Also re-elected is Secretary Sgt Ron Billetz of the Hasbrouck Heights PD. Ptl. Barry Cox of  the Fair Lawn PD is elected Treasurer and Ptl. Don Osenbruck of the Franklin Lakes PD is elected Financial Secretary.

NJ Attorney General Cary Edwards is our guest speaker.

November 1986
Truck Enforcement Grant  starts with kicks off at the Meadowlands.

February 1987
State Assemblyman Paul DiGaetano is our guest speaker.

April 1987
William McDowell, first Bergen County Executive is our guest speaker.

June 1987
All Board members are re-elected.

NJ Director of Motor Vehicles Glen Paulson is our guest speaker.

September 1987
First meeting at our new location, The Elks Club in Ridgefield Park.

October 1987
The Association hosts the retirement dinner for Paul St. Mauro.

Guest Speaker is Sen. Bob Dole, presidential candidate.

January 1989
The first pocket Title 39 is published by North Jersey AAA.  Sgt Jim Gaul of Oakland PD is first PTOABC representative on the committee to put together the pocket edition.

June 1989
The first Chief Jack Sprengel Award ceremony is held. It's namesake is the first receipient.
December 1989
"Operation Domino" (violation of the month) is started.

December 1991
The first Bergen County DWI Taskforce blanket patrol takes place with over 200 officers participating. Red and white magnetic signs are displayed on police cars participating in the task force.

May 1993
The Sharing the Road with Trucks campaign kickoff at the Meadowlands.

December 1993
Chief Robert Herndon of Allendale PD is elected President. Other officers elected are Sgt. Bill Cicchetti of Washington Twsp PD as Vice- President, Sgt Bob Klingen of Midland Park as Secretary, Lt. Ben Fox of Wyckoff PD as Treasurer, Sgt. Don Osenbruck of Franklin Lakes PD as Financial Secretary, and Sgt. Tim Mc Williams of Saddle River PD as Sergeant-at-Arms.

May 1994
World Cup Traffic Safety Committee formed. Sgt. Vinny Di Rienzo of the Bergen County PD is PTOABC representative.

November 1994
"Operation Thanksgiving" conducted. Drivers using seatbelts are given gifts.

December 1994
Chief Herndon steps down as President as he is appointed Vice-President of the NJ Chief's Association. Chief Michael McGahn of the Moonachie PD is elected President.

June 1995
The first Paul St. Mauro Award is presented to its namesake.

April 1996
 A committee chaired by Sgt. Vinny DeRienzo of the Bergen County PD lead to the publication of the first-ever County Wide Traffic Incident Management Manual.

June 1996
Chief Mike McGahn re-elected as President. Other officers elected are Sgt. Bill Cicchetti of Washington Twsp PD as Vice- President, Sgt Bob Klingen of Midland Park as Secretary, Lt. Ben Fox of Wyckoff PD as Treasurer, Ptl. Pete Leighton of the Hillsdale PD as Financial Secretary, and Sgt. Tim Mc Williams of Saddle River PD as Sergeant-at-Arms.

February 1998
The Hit and Run Auto Body/Repair Shop manual becomes a database.

January 1999
Pedestrian Safety Task Force Committee formed.

March 1999
The Countywide Corridor Coalition Enforcement Task Force  is formed.

May 1999
The "Little Red Driving Hood" program presented.

December 1999
Chief William Cicchetti of the Washington Twsp PD is elected President. Other elected officers are: Sgt. Bob Klingen of the Midland Park PD as Vice-President, Capt. Ben Fox of the Wyckoff PD as Treasurer, Ptl. Brendan Reilly of the Leonia PD as Secretary, Ptl. Pete Leighton of the Hillsdale PD as Financial Secretary and Sgt Mike McGuire of the Moonachie PD as Sergeant-at-Arms.

May 2000
The Tri-County Aggressive Dirver Enforcement Detail is conducted along with Passaic and Essex County Traffic Officers.

November 2000
Sgt. Bob Klingen steps down as Vice President, Sgt. Vinny DeRienzo of the Bergen County PD is appointed to fill the office.

February 2001
The PTOABC is part of the concerted effort that includes Hackensack University Medical Center that results in the Anti-DWI video "Stone Cold", which is geared toward high school students.

April 2002
Sgt Phil McEntee of the Ridgefield Park PD chairs a committee that along with NJ Transit inaugrates a Bus Safety Poster Campaign that is directed at commuter safety at bus stops.

May 2002
PTOABC  senior driving safety film "Autumn".

April 2004
PTOABC conducts Universal Safety Day which is highlighted by a child passenger safety seat inspection.

May 2005
PTOABC spearheads the production of the video " Universal Safety Squad" which is a safe crossing and seat belt usage program geared toward elementary school students.

December 2005
Chief Bill Cicchetti is elected as the President of the NJ Police Traffic Officer's Association. He is only the second person in the history of the organization to hold the office.

Lt. Vinny De Rienzo is elected as the association's sixth President. Also elected are Ptl. Tim Franco of the Fair Lawn PD as Vice-President, Sgt. Ken Brown of the Wyckoff PD as Secretary, Capt. Ben Fox of the Wyckoff PD as Treasurer, F/Sgt. Gregg Hackbarth of the Washington Twsp as Financial Secretary, and Sgt Kevin Wehrle as Sergeant-at- Arms.

March 2006
Pedestrian Safety program conducted.

December 2006
Our Website is established.

April 2007
PTOABC active in the establishment of the Graduated Driver's License program.

October 2007
The Child Passenger Seat Technician Refresher Course established.

June 2009
PTOABC celebrates its twenty fifth anniversary. The event is attended by current and past members along with members of the Sprengel and St. Mauro families.

Sgt. Karl Massey - Paramus PD - June 1984 to June 1985
Lt. Joe Cofone - BC Prosecutor's Office - June 1985 to December 1993
Chief Bob Herndon - Allendale PD -  December 1993 to December 1994
Chief - Michael McGahn - Moonachie PD - December 1994 to December 1999
Chief William Cicchetti - Washington Twsp PD - December 1999 to December 2005

2015 - PO Nick Coviello - Lyndhurst PD
2014 - PO Marino Rotundo - East Rutherford PD
2013 - Bergen County Prosecutor's Office Fatal Accident Investigation Unit
2012- Dep Chief Mike McMorrow - Englewood Cliffs PD
2011 - Lt. Ted Cebulski - Creskill PD
2010 - Ptl. John Mulvaney - Moonachie PD
2009 - Lt. Ed Weber - Waldwick PD
2008 - Sgt. Gregg Hackbarth - Washington Twsp PD
2007 - Lt. Jerome Onnembo - Lyndhurst PD
2006 - Sgt. Ken Brown - Wyckoff PD
2005 - Sgt. Phil Lavigne - Teaneck PD
2004 - Ptl. Tim Franco - Fair Lawn PD
2003 - Sgt. Phil Mc Entee - Ridgefield Park PD
2002 - Sgt. Brendan Reilly - Leonia PD
2001 - Chief Tom Lucas - Bergenfield PD
2000 - Chief Ben Fox - Wyckoff PD
1999 - Lt. Vinny DeRienzo - Bergen County PD
1998 - Chief Mike McGahn - Moonachie PD
1997 - Chief Bob Herndon - Allendale PD
1996 - Chief Bob Klingen - Midland Park PD
1995 - Chief Bill Cicchetti - Washington Twsp PD
1994 - Lt. Joe Cofone - Bergen County Prosecutor's Office
1993 - Capt. Dick Pearson - Harrington Park PD
1992 - Chief Frank Mikulski - Hillsdale PD
1991 - Chief Pete Niellands - Bergen County PD
1990 - Sgt. Karl Massey - Paramus PD
1989 - Chief Jack Sprengel - Oradell PD

2015 - AP Marty Delaney - BC Prosecutor's Office
2014 - Tom Louizou - NHTSA Region 2
2012- Richard Simon - NHTSA Region 2
2011 - Gary Proedubicky - NJ Division Of Highway Traffic Safety
2010 - Mark Fiero, Esq.
2009 - Dr. Mary Ann Clayton - Bergen County Medical Examiner
2008 - Dr. John LoCurto - Hackensack University Medical Center
2007 - Steve Rajczyk - North Jersey AAA
2006 - Chip Greiner - Bergen County Office of Highway Safety
2005 - Bob Gaydosh - NJ Division Of Highway Traffic Safety
2004 - Steve Benevenisti, Esq.
2002 - Dave Lortz & John Gahwyler - NJ Department of Transportation
2001 - AP John Higgins - Bergen County Prosecutor's Office
2000 - Florence Nass - END DWI
1999 - Gary Ascolese - Bergen County Division of Engineering
1998 - John Pescatore -  Bergen County Office of Highway Safety
1997 - Trudi Dial - Bergen County Office of Highway Safety
1996 - Bill Visser - North Jersey AAA
1995 - Paul St. Mauro - North Jersey AAA

We remember our comrades who, along with those below, are now gone....
They proudly wear their traffic wings patrolling the highway to heaven....

Our greatest hope is that one day injuries and death on the highways of Bergen County and New Jersey will be a thing of the past. To this end we pledge our sincerest and concerted efforts.